Hon Gyokuro

Hon Gyrokuro sounds like it ought to be a shakuhahi tune. Actually that is a nice comparison as comparisons go. This tea is made by the Tao of Tea and comes in a nice tin that can be used again and again. In addition to the Tin the Tea came in an airtight foil bag for freshens... Nice. The description on the tin says the flavor is:
"a rich and buttery infusion with a smooth and velvety finish. The aroma is fresh, similar to walking through a bamboo forest in the spring time. the lingering aftertaste is mildly sweet and organic."

I wonder how much the writer got paid for saying that?

This is a fine tea with a delicate taste and definitely deserving of its uppity title of Gyrokuro. It dose have a feint grassy and salty aftertaste that is really pleasing to the senses but it dose not linger at all, which is good because that is not the kind of thing you want lingering. Overall I am really impressed with this tea and "The Tao of Tea" in general. I have seen their teas around and always avoided them because I thought the name was a bit campy. I am glad to have had the opportunity to learn otherwise.

On the down side this isn't a tea that you will be able to pour hot water over twice and still have a decent pot. I tried and the tea came out brown instead of the pretty green it came out as on the original pot.

Oh, and they are a local Portland business... I wonder if they want to hire a tea taster?


Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy; makes me want to try some.

SlowZen said...

It is yummy; try some!

oxeye said...

"I wonder if they want to hire a tea taster?"

Jordan, That isn't a bad idea even if you were joking. You might try writing them. Maybe they could use a home taster. If they don't hire you at least they might send you some free tea..

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could be a tea taster and a tea describer...I think you could do better than their writer :)

Maybe I'll try this tea...I am a hard core black tea drinker myself, and very rarely stray from it, but it sounds really nice.

Thanks for sharing this. Peace, Molly

SlowZen said...

Jeff & Molly, thank you for the comments. I might just do that. I don't see how it could hurt.


Thanks for looking!