Heartfelt Thanks

Got home from work late, my last day before a winter leave period. And low and behold a couple of boxes had arrived! Now I remember reading a great text saying something along the lines of Buddha giving offerings to Buddha, but I cant place it for the life of me. But the gist of it is, to me, fellowship. I appreciate the reciprocal respect and kindness that I have seen developing in this Maha Sangha.

The donor verse: The two kinds of alms, material and spiritual, have the endowment of boundless merit. Now that they have been fulfilled with these offerings, both self and other gain pleasure there from.

Nine full Bows,


Barry said...

In the Lotus Sutra, it says that, "Only a Buddha and a Buddha can attain enlightenment."

It's something that we can only do together!

SlowZen said...

Hi Barry Yes! Thank you!

Thanks for looking!