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Yesterday was a one day drill for the reservists and us active duty folks to get some required annual classes in and then celebrate the Marine Corps Birth day (A few days early.)

During lunch I had a nice conversation with a Born again Xtian. We both did not really want the exchange to end and we were both very happy to be exchanging the information and uh... interfacing as it were.

One of the things that came up was a statement attributed to Jesus that says something like “the only way to god is threw me.” I don’t know if that is in the bible, but I went with that statement as perhaps true and said to my friend, maybe at the time Jesus saw all the (expletives omitted) people were doing and just wanted them to pay attention to what he was saying. The Born again is unaware that Jesus studied in a Buddhist monastery in India, or of the editing of the bible during the council of Nicia[spelling?], or that the modern xtian idea of hell came form Zoroastrianism and Dante (The version of the old testament that Xtians use replaced the (jewish?) word sheol with hell, sheol is a place where both the righteous and unrighteous go and it dose not carry the Xtian’s negative connotations of “Hell”.) I hope I gave him enough information to strengthen his faith from within rather than from without. I also showed him one of my favorite versions (read shortest and most to the point) of the Kalama Sutra and he seemed to really like it. A note that I am not trying to convert this guy, I just don’t want him to think that his faith is exclusionary, I think that being exclusive is a path where suffering can and has come from. I also told him that a good Xtian is also a good Buddhist, he seemed to really like that.

Anyway, this is just a bunch of mental soupy poopy that felt like it needed to come out. So please feel free to hold your nose if you think it stinks, I will not be offended.

Everyone Have a good weekend!


Yamakoa said...

Hola Jordan,
These random thoughts really struck a chord with me today. I think it is vital that there is open dialogue between people with differing beliefs. And that these "exchanges" come from a place of true inclusion and heartfelt desire to help each other along the way.

If you are interested in the early Xtian writings, I think Elaine Pagels books are wonderful source. Also if you ever get a chance, take a look at the Gospel of Thomas. Not only is it beautiful, but you would have thought that this book was written by Indian philosophers or buddhists.

Most people spell Nicia in english as Nice. Also the whole council of Nice of 318 is a wonderful topic to explore for anyone interested in the history of the early Xtian church.

Hands together and head low,

SlowZen said...


I took a surf around the www looking at the Gospel of Thomas. Interesting implications there.



Thanks for looking!