Correct Practice

As I have delved deeper and deeper into my practice the once clearly defined lines of “how to” have slowly faded away. One thing that used to abide but can not anymore is the absolute stance that “This Way” is the only way. I have found that my mind is open to a lot of the different methods of meditation offered throughout the various aspects of Buddhism. Truly there is no Soto Zen, there is no Rinzai Zen, and there is not a sudden or gradual school, there is no Theravada or Mahayana. They are all correct. How can this be?

Consider putting up a house. Today we might find that people use a nail gun to put materials together, prior to that we might have used a hammer and nails, prior to that we may have dovetailed joints to fit into each other. In the past some made their house from bricks or mud or even leaning sticks together and putting leaves on top of them. Sure you have different looking houses, but they all offer refuge.

At least, this is how it is for me right now.

In appreciation to all teachers,


Uku said...

I agree with you totally. Buddhism and other religions and methods are just like ferries that will help you to the other side of a stream. Then you can abandon your ferry if you like when you reach the other side. And actually I don't give a damn about getting to the other side; this is now, this present moment and all I care is this present moment. Journey counts, not the goal.

And because we all are a little bit of different (different backgrounds, cultures etc.) some is happy with Buddhism, some is happy with Christianity and so on.

The importance of daily practice.

Great post, Jordan!

SlowZen said...

Thanks Uku!

Barry said...

As I plod along, I'm grateful for the appearance of teacher after teacher.

Their steadfast support has helped in ways that go beyond words.

Some have identified themselves as "Buddhist," some as "Christian" and some as nothing at all. But each one has encouraged, nudged, supported, giggled, shoved, and suckled me through the stuck places.

Unfortunately, stuck places continue to appear. And so teachers continue to remain necessary.

As for organized Buddhism - I clearly prefer disorganized Buddhism. The storm is threatening and I'm with you, Jordan - gimme shelter!

In appreciation to you and all beings,


SlowZen said...

Thank you Barry!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it!

SlowZen said...

Me too!

Yamakoa said...

Nice post. I agree that "This way" is not the only way. At the same time, not "All the Ways" is the way. Instead of attaching to labels (Soto, Rinzai, Tibetan, Hinduism,Xtian, Islam, etc....), we need to explore our views and the way the tradition we practice in affects our view. If we are developing a more compassionate and inclusive view of ourselves and fellow man, then the tradition I think can serve as a viable way or instrument for the betterment of the universe. If on the other hand, our tradition helps us to discriminate, be less compassionate and shelter us from the totality around us, then this way I feel does not serve as vehicle for betterment of all.


SlowZen said...


Nicely put!


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