What's this?

Love is a score of zero in tennis
Emptiness is love
Apathy gives way to empathy
Equanimity is nirvana

No idea where that came from, or what it is.
But something is there.

In a deep gesture of gratitude,


Barry said...

Thanks for this offering, Jordan.

Speaking of love, there are four excellent discussions of intimate relationships in the current Shambhala Sun magazine. I've learned something from each of them about how my "idea" of love gets in the way of loving.


SlowZen said...

Thanks Barry,

I picked up a copy last night,the one with Thich Nhat Hanh on the cover. It may not even be the one you were referring to. I have not had time to even think about reading it yet. Reservists are on deck for a drill weekend, funeral honors tomorrow night, home improvement tasks at the house, kids need love and attention the list goes on and on. I can see the benefits of being a monastic pretty clearly at this point, but then I think, Who am I training for?

Thank you for your kind comments,

Uku said...

Hey, nice one, Jordan! Really nice!

Barry said...

Good luck with your busy weekend! It's raining heavily in Seattle today - we'll be housebound, I think, this weekend.

The copy of Shambhala Sun with the articles on relationships has a Japanese near-erotic print on the cover. TNH was on last month's cover.

Be well,

SlowZen said...



Thanks for the well wishes, I will pick up that article later.

Back to work I go!

Take care,

Thanks for looking!