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This tea is really really good. I know we should not judge superior and inferior right? Well, without that inferior tea there would be no superior tea. The trick is appreciating them both for what they are.

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Anonymous said...

This afternoon I was in Starbucks and their card machine was broken.

The woman behind me didn't have enough cash (she was on a business meeting with some guy) and so decided to go another shop. I suggested that they go to the Cafe Nero two doors down (they clearly didn't know it was there)

The woman said "Oh I'm not going there the coffee is shit". I said "I think the coffee there is much better than here".

"So why are you having coffee in here then?"

"Sometimes I like to have a change".

The Caramel Macchiato in Starbucks is nicer than the one in Cafe Nero but the Capuccino in Nero's is I think nicer than the Starbuck's equivalent.

I often find cheap wine tastes better than expensive stuff.

It's all just different.

I call Nero's coffee superior, someone else disagrees. Our survey says....

SlowZen said...

Hi Mike,
Thank you for stopping in and sharing your observations.

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oxeye said...

Hi Jordan..

My Mom used to make a dish for us she called Creamed Hamburger on Toast. My Dad called it "shit on a shingle". I felt this was a better description and wouldn't eat it.

But my Father loved SOS.

During WW2 when he was being shipped overseas, it was the first meal he was able to keep down after a few days of rough weather.

He said that he had never really liked the stuff but after not being able to eat for days, the SOS tasted better to him than anything he had ever had before.

After that, he ate it every week.

SlowZen said...

Hi Jeff,
Great story.
I have made tens of thousands of servings of "Creamed Cheeped Beef" which is what we called it in the Corps, when we want to use unoffensive language that is. It wasn't made with chipped beef though. Usually ground beef or sausage. I did not know what it was when I was in boot camp. I only knew it was food and I was hungry.

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