Books, Tea, and an interesting conversation.

There is already a book review out for Ted’s The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing.

I was promised a free copy which hasn’t arrived yet. If and when I do get it I promise my review will be much shorter and not nearly as in depth as the one linked above.

Margie is inviting people for tea, if you’re in the Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington area, go check it out.

And some guy wrote a nice post about a conversation he had, which I found interesting.

In other news, my Tuition Assistance Authorization came back approved. A couple of must take classes, COM 140, and GEN 105.

Do Good,


Ted Biringer said...

Hi Jordan,

You will recieve a copy of the book as soon as I do. Ha! The review by Jerry Katz is based on an electronic "facsimile" which I doubt you would find much use for.

Although you may not find much use for the Flatbed Sutra in any form, an "actual book" offers many possibilities: leveling a three legged couch, acting as a coaster to protect your coffee table from beer stains, wedging windows open, and starting fires--just to name a few!

Ha! But seriously, I expect the advance review copies to be available sometime around the end of summer. The day I get one, I will send one to you.


SlowZen said...

Hi Ted,
I am guessing by your general verbosity that it will be of appropriate thickness to stop a .556 round.

Looking forward to it!


Mumon K said...

Wow. Tea. Have you ever done this? I.e., been at a tea ceremony?

It's the epitome, the essence of being served.

I wonder if Margie knows someone I know who's studied this.

SlowZen said...

Yes, Margie treated me to a bowl for a song. it was a wonderful experience.

There is an e-mail link on her page, ask her about your friend.

Take care!

Thanks for looking!