Friday Fish wrap 20080606

Saturday: got home and took the family down to Beaverton to hit up the Japanese market for groceries, spoiled the kids good and rotten.

Sunday: some yard work, got some algae fix for the pond and some food for the cat and dog. Did a big water change in the pond and applied the measured amount of algae fix to the pond. Changed the pond filter too.

Monday: Change of command practice in the morning. Afternoon seemed to evaporate. When I came home I found that all the fish are dead. Boo. I am figuring the combination of the water change and algae fix was too much of a shock. I felt a little sad but the wife was kind enough to remind me that these fish were originally designated “Feeder fish” which means they probably had a happier and healthier and much longer life than they would have… until I killed them. I did do a water test and all the levels appeared good.

Tuesday: Staff meeting in the morning, Staff Non Commissioned Officer meeting in the afternoon. At some point in the day I did get a little work done. When I got home in the evening I noticed that the pond is really really clear now, and devoid of fish. Our friend the frog has vacated as well. When he comes back I may re-stock with some fish. Wife sat with me in the evening, but we did get interrupted by the kids, life happens.

Wednesday: Physical fitness test in the morning got a 244, I did get my 20 chin ups this time but I only got 91 crunches (got a cramp, wont happen next time) and slowed down by a minute and a half on the run. I can run it again next month; my goal is to do better than a 252, which means more cardio, although I guess if I do 100 crunches I would have a 253, That is improvement, right? More change of command practice followed.
On the way home I stopped for gas, the cheep spot was 4.17 a gallon. On the bright side I am noticing a lot fewer cars on the road. When I got home I saw the frog had indeed returned. I did not however rush out and get some more fish… I did think about it though.
Maybe on Sunday I will take a water sample in for a through test and if it tests ok, save about $4.17 worth of feeder fish from their fate.

Thursday: Morning ZaZen had something strangely missing. The cat was not there demanding attention. Kind of odd, he did wake up in time to see me off and watch me drink tea and eat cereal and push for a scratch behind the ears, I did oblige. I skipped going to the gym this morning. Post PFT sticking my finger out at the universe. I am still in better shape than 90% of the staff, neener neener neener!
Cousin Bruce is apparently a Strongbad fan. I knew there had to be a reason I liked him.

The new improved Tricycle blog has linked me again, I went from tagged for “many cool ink drawings” to “Thoughtful blog with great visuals”

Friday: The cat came back. Good cardio in the morning, followed by more retirement ceremony practice. Got some work done, briefed my alternate as to what I expect while I am away. It is lunch time, time to go eat.

May you be free from suffering,


Anonymous said...


Over on Mike C's blog he's invited you to spend some quality-time with him in France. He'll probably allow you to post a response.

He's now moderating comments and so is ignoring mine and so any silence by me might be illusionary.

SlowZen said...

Yeah, that was gracious of him to extend the invite, but I already have holiday plans for visiting my family in Texas.

On a lark I looked at airfare, $14-18K per person. I could likely afford that trip in about ten years if my future employment is equal to what I have now. C'est la vie.

Yamakoa said...

20 Pull Ups not bad. Were they strict or with a Kip? I have not maxed out on strict pull ups in a very long while, but I am fond of torturing myself with max kipping pull ups.

If you are crazy enough to sit still and silently everyday, I am quite sure your PT goal will soon be accomplished. So you are 90% better shape than your staff. Hah, I had you pegged as an all in or all out guy. Not a 90 percent guy :-).

Take care

SlowZen said...

Dead hang pull ups, monitored closely. I miss the days when we could kip.
All in or all out? Na, not me. Middle way, mostly… I am a slow runner though, I have had a couple of scares and value keeping my original equipment so I wont push running too hard anymore. If I get the 3 miles done in around 23 minuets I will be happy.
Thanks for your vote of confidence.

Carol said...

Hi Jordan,

Sorry about your fish. We have a little chick that might not make it. Struggling. Bad feet. We're trying to brace it up. It's plucky though and still eats and drinks.

We rearranged their room and they have about twice the sq. footage as before and seem to be happier. It will be awhile before we get a bid on making the "chicken wing" on the back of the garage.

Baked chocolate chip cookies this am. Strong arm cookies tomorrow possibly with banana bread. We'll see. Only Jeff for breakfast. Benjamin is with his other gramma in Copperas Cove.

Looking forward to your visit. Making plans for the party. Can't wait to see you all!



SlowZen said...

Hi Mom,
Sorry about the chick with bad feet.

I am looking forward to enjoying the cookies. I am going to have to make myself a reminder to bring my running shoes in order to burn off the extra calories I'll be picking up down there.

See you soon!


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