A new revolution around the Sun

Pigface; I can do no wrong lyrics:

Take a look outside because I'm walking on glass
Thin ice in the future or a voice from the past
Forsaken dreams decaying in the four-way zone
Better look outside because I'm coming alone
Better look outside because I'm coming alone
How many nights before I sang an innocent song
Rejoicing in my ignorance, I could do no wrong
Take a look outside for the first time afraid
A tiny glass was shattered where one time we laid
A tiny glass was shattered where one time we laid
I can do no wrong!
So I trapped my emptiness between lie after lie
Poured myself another and started to cry
Shame on you for weakness go back where you belong
Poured my self another - I could do no wrong
I can do no wrong
I can do no wrong
I can do no wrong
I can do no wrong
I can do no wrong

Two revolutions around the sun ago I decided that I would not “pour myself another.” I still manifest the “I can do no wrong” attitude from time to time. But the more I practice the more open I am to knowing nothing.
{Knowing nothing is an interesting endeavor in itself, it is like the bottom falling out of a bucket, WOOUSH!} Even the Idea of I can do no wrong seems arbitrary now. Right and wrong are just dualistic. But there is still wrong and there is still right. Mostly things just are how they are. The interesting thing is that we don’t have to have preconceived ideas of right and wrong, if we just listen we can hear the correct course of action calling to us. There is no reason to pursue anything. It is so interesting when things become clear. I still find myself grasping to hold on to that clarity. Even though I know as soon as I cling to it, it’s gone.

For this revolution around the sun I intend to be credit debt free.
Return to regular shakuhachi practice.
Get in a few more Shakuhachi lessons.
Cling less and let go more.

May the new revolution find you all well and happy


Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan,

It's good to see you still at here on the blogosphere. I find that each visit here is well worth it.

Right and wrong are an interesting duality aren't they? One one hand they are just judgments. But, on another hand we have the freedom to act in ways which will cause great harm or to give great help and comfort to each other.

In the new year I wish you well, may you have great success in keeping to your resolutions.

take care,


P.S --- > I'm blog rolling you on my new blog okay?

Yamakoa said...

Hi Jordan,
I really like your term for a year Revolution around the Sun. Sounds like a Chili Peppers new CD title.

Very interesting your discussion on right and wrong. There are no right and wrong and yet there is. Sounds about right to me. I think it is a-lot like taking action. If we take action, we are bound to create an effect. Yet is we take no action, we are also bound to create an effect. I more often than not find myself in this predicament.

I pray you are successful with your new revolution around the sun endeavors.

SlowZen said...

Thank you for the link!
I updated the link on the left to your blog.
Glad you find my thought doodles worthwhile.

An interesting thought I had about the revolution around the sun is that it is brand new, moment to moment.
I have never really had a lot of appreciation for the Chili Peppers. More of a Henry Rollins fan.
One of my favorite old dead guy quotes of late has been “do not be unclear about cause and affect.”
I have been pondering this for a while lately.

My apologies to both of you for the late responses, that cause and effect thing at work.

May all be well and happy!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post...thanks for that! Not that I attach any significance to your post in ay negative or positive way ;)

Just wanted to ask if I may use your comment on my last post in my next post on my weblog? (what a sentence..haha). I thought it was very useful and it helped me to understand some things clearer. But let me know if you are ok with that..!

Have a great moment!

SlowZen said...

Thank you and no problem!

You have a great moment too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jordan. I have just published my new post.


Carol said...


I am so very proud of you for your 2 yrs. accomplishment! I hope you feel it as worthwhile as we do!

SlowZen said...

Thanks for the link!


SlowZen said...

I do!

Thanks for looking!