Shodoka: Song of Freedom

I found this while I was looking for some other translations.
It was so... Hit me like a sack of stones, and pushed me up like a wave. I thought I should share it.

I hope you can appreciate it as I have.

Shodoka: Song of Freedom


Gregor said...

Thanks Jordan -- I bookmarked it!

Carol said...

Beautiful, Jordan, although I don't fully understand it.

Honestly, Dad and I LOVE your paintings of the fish even though I know they're your first attempts.

Don't think we ever truly appreciated how very talented you are!

SlowZen said...


I though you might appreciate that.
I can not seem to leave comments on your blog from work anymore. But staying grounded in the eight fold path is similar to what I have done.

Like they say at AA meetings "It works if you work it!"


The Song of Freedom something that would be hard for me to explain to you. I thought about breaking it down and what it means to me line by line but some of it is stuff that can not really be expressed with words and allot of it relies on having a knowledgeable background in some other texts Particularly the Heart Sutra. This is in the It would be nice to do category and right now I have some must do's that are taking priority.

I have not made the time to pick up the brush again in a few days. The reserves are in to drill this weekend so If I do some more it wont be until next weekend. But there are so many things I would like to do. Lately I get home, eat , check e-mails and sleep.

I don't think you appreciate how talented you and dad are!


muddy elephant said...

Thanks for this Jordan,

There is a lot to learn here. Any of your interpretations(when you have the time of course) would be definitely welcomed.

These really struck me intensely:

The radical Direct Teaching is beyond sentiment; there is no room for doubt or hesitation.

Practice Zen in this world of desires like a lotus blossoming in the midst of flames.

SlowZen said...


I am going to make time for it.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Thanks for looking!