Breaking down the Song of Freedom

I am going to offer a line by line breakdown of the Song of Freedom as translated by Yasuda Joshu roshi and Anzan Hoshin roshi.

A few acknowledgments are due first.

This process is intended to aid in an intuitive understanding, NOT an intellectual understanding.

I am not sure when I will start. Maybe in a few moments after posting this, maybe I have already started. I do not think it will ever be “finished.”

I am doing this without permission from anyone.

I am going to try and keep this as simple as possible. If You think it sounds "Zenny" Please help me make it sound not so "Zenny". I want this to be practical, not pretty. Sometimes things will sound odd until you have sat on my Zafu,(not literally) thats just the way some things are.

This breakdown, and any other commentary are ultimately pointless.

The translation may be off, if you are concerned with every jot and title than you miss the whole point anyway.

This breakdown is only representative of how things seem to be at a particular point in space and time.

Things change!

I am not any sort of certified teacher. (ok that is a lie but I am not any sort of certified “Zen” teacher, but I can teach you how to shoot.)

I have been influenced by so many.
To list a few in not any real order:
My family; past, present, and future.
The greater blogosphear sangha. (Aaron, Brad, Three Mikes, Muddy, Jeff, Greg, Gudo, Ted, Jundo, Anatman, Justin, and a lot of others that can not be recalled at this time.
Rev. Meiko
Larry Tyrell
My Drill Instructors from Platoon 3091 (October 1991-January 1992) Sgt Gibson, Sgt Baxter, Sgt Connant, and Sgt Holloway.
General Charles Krulak 31st Commandant of The Marine Corps (retired)
Dr. Seuss
The Dhammapada
The Heart Sutra
The Shobogenzo
Opening the hand of thought

Maybe most importantly; my closet door and Zafu which I have spent so much time with.

Thank you all for your guidance.

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