Playing without attachment

It was another hot evening in the little part of the world where this thing identified as “I” live. In an effort to cool off, as the sun went down and the outside became cooler than inside, I took out the Shakuhachi and went outside to the back patio.

No notation, no practice regimen in mind, not even thinking about what I might play or if the sounds would be good or bad. Just breathing into the flute and letting sounds come out as they would, my fingers on their own program nothing forcing them.

I did not even think of this event until this morning, now I am afraid all I have gained is lost, and all I have lost is gained.

May all be well and happy!


Anonymous said...

You can always find again what you did not look for. Just don't look for it...

SlowZen said...


Gregor said...


Really great post. As a Fiddle player I can really identify with this feeling. The best practice sessions are the ones where we can just open up to the instrument and appreciate the sounds we can make at that present moment.

Hope you don't mind if I blogroll you at enteringthepath.


SlowZen said...


I had not seen your blog before today, I look forward to exploring it.

Take care,

Thanks for looking!