The Albigen Papers

What the heck dose Albigen mean anyway?

This is an imperfect review of the book titled “the Albigen Papers” by Copyright 1973 by Richard Rose

OK, I was warned in advance that this book was boring.
I do agree with that assessment to a large extent. The first Four “Papers” were critical evaluations that anyone who has been on a spiritual search for a decent amount of time has likely come up with similar conclusions on their own already. That is not to say they are not without value, but they could bore the reader to tears. It took me a while to slog through the first 158 pages and I interrupted the boredom by reading Brad Warner’s “Sit Down and Shut Up” which I got through in a few days.

Starting with the fifth “paper” the book started to spark my interest a little bit. Maybe it was the language used. But the fifth paper talked about transcendental efforts and the from there the sixth seventh and eighth “paper” started talking about a “system” for becoming the “Absolute.” I take this as what others might call “enlightenment” or just being awake.

All and all I do not think I have benefited from this book but I did enjoy some of the paragraphs contained within it.

I agree with this one wholeheartedly:

“We like to think that scholarly study will keep us awake, and we rejoice that we have developed an interest that keeps us awake, as we absorb concept after concept. But after a while we discover that study is just the rolling up of a huge ball of yarn of relative world-observations, that can go on forever and never bring us closer to the understanding of the mind”

On that note I am taking the summer off from school, I ended up getting a “C” in Algebra and thank all the folks that helped me achieve that, I thought I was done for. Thankfully I think I am done with math for a long time.

May you be well and happy!

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Anonymous said...

Albigen Papers - you're right, the 1st 4 papers are elementary, but the book was written in a time and place where such an analysis was necessary.

For more advanced material by the same author try 1) Transmission Papers, 2) Psychology of the Observer.

Good luck.

Thanks for looking!