The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken


SlowZen said...

I am steeling someones comments here. I don't know who said it but they took the words right out of my brain housing unit.

"They named it wrong....it's the most important image ever taken at the moment.
It's as far as technology can take us at this time.
the size extimate is wrong it's only based on as far as we can see.
all this was was a film of limitations. showing that even the people who think they are not narrow minded are in their own way."

Mike Cross said...

Thanks for the post -- I enjoyed the clip.

The most important image ever taken?

I would have preferred it as a question rather than an outright statement.

SlowZen said...


Glad you appreciated it. I think a question mark would have been good too.

But showing the originators view, along with the comment I found, I think is a good example of how I somtimes think. I may somtimes think "this is it!" only to later realise that there is also so much more.

Thanks for looking!