Routine Interrupted

The alarm went off at 0430. Letting me know to start a new day.

I went to the head, shaved my wiskers and brushed my fangs. Thinking about the verse I saw at the priory about how I will clean myself to save all sentient beings.

Hygiene done, I went to the kitchen, made my tea and grabbed a yogurt.

Mindful of the effort it took to get it to my table. I think that I should say the verse but I don’t.

Finishing my meal I go to the study. I grab my clothes for the day; wake up the computer to fire up the meditation timer.

I bow to my small shrine and set out my cushions. Bowing to them, I sit, and as the third bell rings I bow to again. Gratitude. Falling in to Zazen, thoughts pass like clouds, Sometimes they suck me in, sometimes they just seem to vanish and time disappears.

Iris, who will be two next month, enters the study. I am only aware of this vaguely until she latches on to my arm and exclaims “DADDY GA IEE.”

I bow to the wall, scoop up the little treasure, tickle her ribs and blow “raspberries” on her cheek. Her laughter fills me. Then she notifies me “APPU JUISU.”

With a mischievous grin I say, “Go ask Mama,” who I know to still be sleeping.

She leaves and I bow to the wall. She returns triumphant with not only some juice but also a cookie and promptly plops down on my lap and looks up with an impish smile and lets me know “Daddy daiski” I extricate my hands from underneath her and sit boot camp style, left hand left knee right had right knee. So much for Zazen. I spend the time just being grateful for her presence and wondering if my own actions will help her step off the wheal. She sits amazingly quietly, maybe she was enjoying the moment too. The two bells ring and I say “Iko, Gassho Wa?” She Replies “Gassho Yada” I bow and gently put her to the side and give her a little kiss. Standing I bow to the cushion, bow to my new Zazen partner and turn to bow to the shrine.

I am sharing this special moment with you, and hope it brings you at least a taste of the joy I feel right now.



Anonymous said...

All of this is Zazen. Zazen is nothing more than paying attention to the moment as it arises and responding appropriately and spontaneously.

If you are just sitting then no action is necessary beyond paying attention to that.

What you have described is just one session of Zazen and a beautiful one at that.

There is a lot of depth and sincerity in what you do. It is quite rare and also nice to see.

SlowZen said...

Yeah, I have been told that we should not judge our time on the cushion. This one seemed so special. I had to share. I try not to cling to the moment, but I have been drunk on this one all day. I had hoped you would share in some of the joy.


oxeye said...

jordan - thanks for the taste and the resulting smile.

SlowZen said...

Your so very welcome.


Thanks for looking!