"Superstitions" - dhamma talk by Ajahn Brahm

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Anonymous said...

Interesting listening.

It reminds me of when I was at a summmer festival. They had a table where you could leave beads and trinkets to be blessed by the [other?] monks/nuns.

When this was explained to me I said nothing but was thinking "riiighhht! How does that work exactly?"

SlowZen said...

Yeah I liked it allot,

I think of all the ceremonials that are done in some Buddhist Temples Like the "transfer of merit"
I actually buy into that one, not out of superstition but out of the yes I wish this person well with all I am aspect. That has some power too. Maybe not like we would like to think, but again, the truth the whole truth and anything else that works!


kidude said...

Lovely emphasis on questioning and personal experience, i quite enjoyed it.

His later bit about reincarnation though; how does that fit with Dogen and Nishijima's work?

I realise he put emphasis on not questioning what he said, to experience it yourself, but do a lot of God based religions not base their beliefs on personal experiences of God?

Thanks for posting it. I Don't get to a lot of talks like that.


SlowZen said...


Good questions,

I know for a while I was a Zealot for Soto Zen. I thought “if you don’t practice just this way, you are wrong!!!” Now not so much. There can be truth and delusion in all the teachings depending on how we perceive them or how we work things into our own practice. I think it is important to say, that is just where their practice is right now. Don’t cling to it. I think questions are good, but again I do agree, experience it yourself. No answer will really sit right with you until you know for sure.

Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for looking!