Coming Home

Leaving Iraq through Kuwait, then a harrowing helicopter ride back to the “Boat” felt surreal to me. I was still far from letting go of attachment to desire. After a quick stop in Diego Garcia we were off to Australia. We spent a few days in Cairns and then made for Hawaii. I felt as if I was living a dream as we left Hawaii and headed home.

A ride on a landing craft to the beach at Camp Pendleton and a buss ride back to the Headquarters building seemed to take an eternity. When I got off the bus I could not see my family, I ran through the building, around the building until finally I found them.

Meeting my Wife and children,
One for the first time.
After six months deployed.
Places some would describe as hell.
Peace, Joy.

Be well and happy!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Jordan!
Thank you for your service . . . : )

SlowZen said...


Thank you for your kind comments!

Be well and happy!

Thanks for looking!