The Asura from wikipidia.

My current Dharma teacher has referred to this as a protector as well,
and to me as an Asura. After my last blog, I thought I would start fresh here. Focusing on the Dharma and my own experiences.

Be well and happy!


Anonymous said...

hi jordan, hope you are well.. i'm curious as to what asura dharma means in your case.. what is your understanding?

SlowZen said...


I am well. Thank you for asking.

Excellent question!

Some thing (not something) I am working on. I am not sure it can be expressed with words, save the Dharma as I see it.

Looking at it this way, if I am an Asura, this is my expression of my own relationship with the Dharma. But I realize care must be taken here. Things are constantly changing in space and time. My own understanding of the Dharma will evolve as space and time change.

Looking at that it looks clear as mud, and a bit melodramatic.

More simply put, my intentions are to post up what has provoked some special consideration in my own walk along the path.

Be well and happy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jordan.. I am looking forward to reading your new blog.

Thanks for looking!