Self-indulgently letting it all come out in the wash

Longing for old times

Aware of the delusion

Pleasant summer rain


Being uprooted

Again and again for years

Two thousand thirteen


To be here right now!

Is what the old adepts preach

Try in this crock pot.


Interrupted though.

Lunch breaks are delusion too.

More papers to file.


Always the full moon.

Never about the full sun.

Old turds can't write truth.


Hey Dharma Master!

You rage against Buddhism.

I'll practice Crossisim.


Mindlessly eating

While reading a dharma text

Stain [page] one seven nine


Forgot the right way

Getting well versed in the wrong

Stiff shoulders, sore neck


Sit still, what a joke!

Only a statue does it

But I keep trying


Someone may say that

These are not proper haiku

Can't argue with that


Talks about stillness

The way won't stop anyplace

They're cruel old beggars


Harmony sounds nice

But all I get is discord

Ah, drop off the "I"


Accessibility failed

I wonder if obscurity

Is any better?


History is nice

But it is only "His Story"

Nothing to hold to


Preceptor, what gives?

Check greed, anger, delusion

It is about you!


I cannot always write

The verses that I want to



A little restraint

As is sometimes required

Comes with the paycheck


Lunch nearly over

Should try to type something good

That will not happen.


Eighteen verses here

stirred by "The Roaring Stream" Thanks,

Foster and Shoemaker


Anonymous said...

Past, present, future
Where did they go?
They seemed important once.

Forgetting zen
Remembering mike
just a guy in a team
With a program to write

Meandering towards death
A past life broken

Enjoy what's left

This water
This biscuit
This flower
This body
This morning

Life is enjoyable
Excitement unnecessary
Breakfast over
Work is calling

This life
For now.

SlowZen said...

Nice to see you Mike.

Thanks for looking!