When Zen Attacks!

Oh what a catchy title! 
I bet it has been used before…
I blew it this morning. 
I did something I rarely do. 
I looked at the Internet before Zazen.

I left a critical comment somewhere.
The blog looked quite professional.
Apparently the author is some kind of Zen teacher.
I bet she is a real nice person.

To bad she rubbed me the wrong way with a post.
She wrote about restraint.
I practiced very little with my comment.
Sometimes, you have to say something!

But I could have done better.
I’m out of practice.
She got what she deserved!
No one deserves hash speech.

What was Dogens admonition?
Be bold, be upright!
Deluded self confidence,
Deluded self doubt.

Last day off on the 96 hour liberty.
I think I will sit with that.

1 comment:

Mumon K said...

Now that's a great idea - doing zazen before looking at the internet!

I'll try it tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!