(Picture may not be an accurate depiction of Team Zazen Okinawa)
I have been lamenting the lack of fellow cushion squashers here on this remote island, but I suppose I have not been doing much about it.  I also tend to think that most people would rather spend there time focused on those things that cause them to suffer than to focus on cessation from suffering, so there you have it.

Occasionally I get an email or someone will ask me about Zazen, but no one has shown up for sitting since I have been back.  

If your reading from Okinawa, and your that guy who was interested in sitting and discussing the Dharma, please keep in mind that I am here for a limited time only.

That sounds like a commercial eh?

Anyway, I am not selling anything but offering fellowship along the eightfold path, and its is 100% free, money back guaranteed.

In other news, the whole family, including the cat and pug dog got some great Buddamass gifts from my friend Giesla.  so I have to humbly say thank you so much on behalf of the whole family.  and the tea is a pleasant reminder of a time when my life was a little less hectic, so thanks especially for that.

I did find some appropriate Buddamass cards at Caffe press, they are not cheep and they rip you off on shipping as well.  I guess that is what you have to do to make a living nowadays.  But I did get some Manjushri Note cards for those occasions where I feel like sending someone a card.  Which wont be too often since my handwriting is just Mara awful.

Anywho,  I have not been updating this blog thing much and that is mostly due to the tempo at work,  so for those who keep checking up on me here, I'm OK!  Just got an abundance of things to do.
I am taking some local leave and will still end up spending a few hours at work just to catch up with stuff.

This post is drifting, so here: 


oxeye said...

Team Zazen Okinawa.. Ha!
Keep dreaming Jordan. :)
I guess you got tired of looking at sailors all day.. :/

SlowZen said...


Celestial nymphs!

Uku said...

Great you're ok! Wow, your group's practitioners seemed to be pretty englightened in that picture!

SlowZen said...

Yes, Bhodhisatva Mahasatvas all!

真行  said...

backstory: six to ten inches in the forecast for today...

Happi: "My Sangha is cuter than your Sangha! ...celestial nymphs, my foot! "
*ducking for cover*

Happi's thought balloon: psst.. they don't have snow balls in Okinawa...

Happi: Is it safe to come out now then?
*peeking around the edge, walking out bravely*

Bodhisattva1: shoulda told her he has swords and guns an stuff... Dogen doesn't believe in reincarnation either...

Bodhisattva2: and he's always on target!

Happi raises her head and winks: "Not always, just mostly."

....seriously, Takuan and Wanchan, not mention the rest of the family, have got to be much cuter!

Glad you got the package. The gift for Takuan was to keep him from snoring as much. I was thinking about including an old sock instead...

It's Gi*SE*la, I know it's hard, but you might as well get used to it.

Miss you on Twitter these days. Then again, I'm not there that much these days either.

真行  said...

Opps.. There was a picture of blood splatter and a head rolling on the ground that didn't make it into the comment before Bodhisattva1 speaks up. Hrmpf.

SlowZen said...

Hi Gisela,
Why compare? Cuteness is just a compound thing which is transient.

Takan can snore while he eats. But I appreciate your intention.

Speaking on an old sock. I finally took my poster of Bodhidharma into the frame shop,... $145.00 to frame a free poster. I've never had anything framed before, other than buying a walmart frame to put a picture in.

As far as spelling your name right goes, well thats where "The Gunny" has to step in and remind you that your name is whatever I call you, "The Gunny" is an a-hole. Seriously, sometimes I make up names for the kids that come and see me at work, particularly when whats written on their nametape looks like someone dipped a spoon into a can of alphabet soup and just threw some letters out there.

I have not really noticed not being on twitter, cessation from twitter seems to be a lot like when I quit drinking.

真行  said...

I was really just joking about the name, as well as the Sangha pic (how else to respond to a pic like that?). I'm really kinda dyslexic, so that kinda thing doesn't matter much. Just to be clear Gunny.

Thanks for looking!