Appropriate Attire (Okinawa Zazen Group)

In my time with Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, a lot of toodo has been made about appropriate attire. Over the years the times have change and so have the standards. I tend to stick to what I was brought up in the Corps with, but also understand that times have changed and things have gotten slightly more liberal. Quite a few people can get pretty uptight about these things and perhaps rightly so.

So I think it would be good to make a few suggestions about what to ware to the Okinawa Zazen Group meetings, so that in case you feel like showing up, you know what is expected.

Loose clothing is best. Don't where clothes that are too tight and could cut off your circulation. Dark colored solids are preferred, and nothing overly revealing that might disturb the senses. I keep the air conditioning running so be prepared for the room to be comparatively warmer or cooler than it is outside. The base controls the temperature and it is up to them weather I get hot air or cold air. Please make a note of it.

As for me, I will more than likely be in my pajamas or a samui. They are dark colored and loose fitting, and heck it is my house so that is where the standard is set.

Just prior to the chanting of the Heart Surta, I quietly recite the verse of the Kesa and put on my small Kesa, if you also have a similar tradition please feel free to follow it.

If you feel that your pajamas meet those prerequisites, you are free to show up in your pajamas as well, but if you plan on going to the PX, BX, Commissary, bowling ally, etc or out in town afterwards, please ensure you have brought along the appropriate civilian attire your service prescribes, I will be happy to provide a place for you to change.

The schedule for Next Saturday May 15th is as follows:

0930- Introduction and Instructions for sitting and Zen hall etiquette,
1000- Heart Sutra recitation
1005- Zazen
1030- Kinhin
1040- Zazen
1105-"Zen" Movie & Snacks/ discussion

*Times are approximate, the door is open until 0959*



Kyle said...

The sitting group I got going here has its own attire issues. We don't have our own zafu's so, some of the folks just end up sitting on the floor...in a suit and tie....in dress shoes....complaining about how there but hurts.

SlowZen said...

Shudder.... I will retire soon,,, The idea of having to where a suit and tie on a regular basis... Shudder...

NaomieC said...

I would like to wear pajamas to events.

SlowZen said...

Yeah, I met a guy the other day who pretty much wears his PJs everywhere.

Thanks for looking!