And Then There Were Two

Saturday I was joined by an aspiring Bodhisatva. It is a great joy that I could share my time with a person who was earnestly seeking to learn about Zazen.

I also had my own share of fears before we met as well. My fear was of prejudgement, basing my opinions of of hearsay, holding on to (fundamentalist) views, my asura nature rising up and getting the better of me. I’m happy to say that it appears that I was able to overcome these fears and that thees hinderances did not negatively impact our encounter at all.

We sat Zazen as was scheduled and hung out watched a movie about Zazen and talked about Zazen for the better part of the day. I think a good time was had by all.

I can not ignore wondrous coincidence of meeting a true person face to face.


Uku said...

Great, Jordan! I'm happy for you and for your Bodhisattva friend! Sangha kicks ass! Keep up the good work!

SlowZen said...

Thanks Markus.

Thanks for looking!