Flat roofed building.
Built by them for us.
Not a home for either.

The wind howls through the balcony,
Sounding like ghosts from the childhood cartoons.

Cat sits nearby.
Smelling like the perfumed cat sand from his litter-box.

The wife reluctantly wakes up,
The construction of breakfast begins.

Im on my third or fourth cup of tea.
It is still green but after this many infusions the flavor isn't there.

Work is moving at rapid rate.
I'm not used to the tempo.
Mind is spinning, trying to grasp at a liquid situation.
I expected my Zazen to reflect by being crowded with thought clouds.
It wasn't. It has been strangely peaceful.


Carol said...

glad you can still do zazen after all you've been through! You must have established a pretty good practice for it to come back to you so quickly. Am very happy for you.



Unknown said...

^^ Agreed! Glad you all are settling in. Happy New year. Thanks for the inspiration :)


Uku said...

Happy This Year, Jordan! Thank you for your efforts, Dharmafriend! Peace

SlowZen said...

Mom, Dirk,
Sitting has been my refuge lately. I am grateful to have this practice.

Uku, Thanks! and happy new revolution to you too!

MyoChi said...

Jordan - all I can say is that you inspire us all to sit! Bows.

oxeye said...

Expectations are pretty powerful.. It's good to let them go sometimes.

SlowZen said...

MyoChi, Glad to be useful!

Jeff, Yes indeed. Now if only I could master the knack of having no expectations....

Thanks for looking!