(Friday fishwrap?)



That is how we used to count down time till graduation in Boot Camp.

And that is how many days until I pick up my orders and detach from this command.

Four years is the longest I have ever spent in one place so the transition back to the fleet should be interesting.  


People keep asking me if I’m excited.  The question excites me as I ask myself the same thing.  Am I excited? 


I have stress.  My kid’s passports have not arrived yet.  The traffic management office has not contacted me about the household goods shipment, and the Housing Assistance Office has not responded to my application.  For a guy who spends an hour or more staring at a wall every day I sure am feeling impatient.  


That’s about all I can think of as far as excitement goes.  And it is all revolving around my attachments.  Everything else I can take care of on my own or will take care of itself when the time comes.  Yeah, I’m calling my kids and house and stuff attachments…  I can still pack everything “I” really need (mostly Progear) into two sea bags and a backpack.   The rest is just stuff that comes along or gets acquired with family life. 


Thinking like that makes me nostalgic for more Spartan days, when I could load my entire life into the trunk of a Ford Escort.


But I do love those attachments.  If I didn’t I would ditch them in a heartbeat.

But gosh they can be a pain in the hind side.


Well, that’s all the news fit to wrap a dead fish in that I can think of at the moment.  

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Mumon K said...

Good luck!

Somehow it will work itself out.

It always does, you know.

SlowZen said...

Thanks for the well wishes Mumon,

Yeah, thats what I keep telling the wife.

Mumon K said...

They often don't believe it, I've noticed.

Thanks for looking!