So yesterday morning I got really really energized when doing my sitting. It has happened before and I suppose it will happen again. I am sure there is a long chain of causation that set up the circumstances for that effect. I have no clue what that all entailed though. Sure was nice though.

This morning I found myself cursing the bell a little bit because it did not occur again. I wasn’t “trying” for it or anything but when the bell came I felt like I wasn’t really done with sitting. Even now as I am writing this out I would rather be on my little round cushion. I can totally understand now how those southern monks can spend hours at a time sitting.

In other news I am so out of shape that a “Thirteen Minute Workout” took me 16 minutes. It is a pretty good morning routine though but I am going to have to add some abdominal exercises to it, maybe make it a 15 minute workout. Sounds good.

I am feeling an aversion to leaving the office on TAD trips. Every time I go somewhere I wind up with a backlog of things to do. Today I am just trying to figure out where to start. I think I will start by drinking some water and getting hydrated. I think I am about two quarts low.

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