I am still in NOLA for training. Right next to the famous French
Quarter. It's strange if I think about it because when I was younger
I remember allways wanting to go to the city. And a place like this
would have been like a dream. It looks like it grew out of a gothic

Now I guess I could take it or leave it, but I have gained a prefernce
for a place with mountains, trees, and rivers. Heck I'd take a prarie
over this place.

I miss doing Zazen in the morning with the kids. A half hour sitting
seems to go a lot faster when sitting with others.

The training I'm getting to be a unit victims advocate (sexual assult
prevention and responce) is one of the most professionally done
cources I have been to in years. Headquarters Marine Corps has got
it's stuff togeather on this one, and rightfully so. I do idealisticly
wish that they were giving this much attention to my occupational
field though.

Soup and salad cost me $22.00 tonight. No wonder the perdiem rate
seems so high.

Typed out with my thumbs on my phone,



molly said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, and good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I'm just the opposite man, when I was down there, I fell in love with it. The gothic parts is just what I fell in love with. Besides, don't bad mouth the place I got married ya bastage ;) .

There are cheaper places to eat with probably better food (depending on your love of seafood), and wave at bourbon street for me, I miss the 7 or 8 blocks of sex,drinks,and music.


oxeye said...

Jordan, I cannot imagine typing more than a few words out on an iphone. You must have great reserves of patience.

I was down in Narlins many years ago. I took very little money with me so I was eating red beans and rice about every day. It was about $2 a plate back then. I still love that dish.

Lauren said...

Face the ocean, turn right and wave. I'm waving hello from Austin.

SlowZen said...

Molly, thanks looks like I will make it out of here alive!

KJ! I can certainly appreciate how you could come to love it here. I can imagine the gods of chaos in a battle for domination of the French Quarter. By the way 2005 called and said to get a google account.

Jeff, Patience is a strange thing. It appears to come and go. I must admit that my laptop is a bit more convienient.

Red-beans and Rice, now is about $6.00. But I was hitting mostly higher end places.

Lauren, thanks for the wave!

Thanks for looking!