SUN & ZAZEN 98662

Read some "Did Dogen Go To China?" during lunch break yesterday. 73 pages into it and so far it seems like one of those important books I would normally not read. I think someone recommended it to me at some point or I read a review that impressed me or sompthing. I am normaly one for picking out two types of books, which are often one in the same. inspirational and or instructional. So far "Did Dogen Go To China?" hasn't really fit either of those bills but I do get a sense that it is an important work so I am trudging through it. It just takes a little longer. For comparison I am on page 73 of "Did Dogen Go To China?"and I have been at it for over a week vs. The sayings and doings of Laymen Pang was read over a four hour plane ride.

I took advntage of the sunny clear weather and a picknick bench and enjoyed the spring sun. As a result my face and forearms are pink today. But it feels pretty good actualy and I think I will go outside for lunch again today but this time find some shade to sit and read under.

ZMI joined me for sitting this morning. We worked a bit 0n her posture. she is complaining that her back hurts so I am thinking she is doing it wrong. when my back hurts from sitting I usualy take that as a sighn that I am doin g it wrong and swaying side to side or forwqard and back usualy helps me out there.

Still digging out of e-mails and the weeks woth of work I did not do while off at the confrence. I made a clean spot on my desk and someone came by and coverd it up with more stuff. I certainly feel needed.

Oh and last night I took out the Shakuhachi and noodled a bit, spring is here and I love to play along with the wind and the birds. This morning I could start to taste my tea, which leads me to think that this sinus infection may be clearing up! This makes bliss a little easier.


Lauren said...

Thanks for the the book recommendation and the shaku-spring imagery. Glad to read you are 'becoming tasteful' again.

I found my aching back came from forcing far more sway back than I needed to have a straight spine. It is possible the position feedback ZMI is getting from her back is not well calibrated with its actual position. Perhaps offer her to sit next to a mirror so she can see a relaxed but straight back and calibrate on what that really feels like.

Carol said...

Glad your sinus infection is finally clearing and that you're home safe and sound!



SlowZen said...

Warning, if your not a total Dogenologist the reading might be a little dry. And even if you are it might be a little dry.

I'm glad too!
Have a safe trip to Indiana!

Love you too!

Uku said...

Great you're feeling better, Jordan!

SlowZen said...

Uku, Yes it is!

Thanks for looking!