SA Sencha Tea

First off; a shout out to Jeff Oxley, of the Digital Photo Collages Blog, for pointing this tea out to me. After he had mentioned it I spied some at the local Japanese super market while I was there picking up some groceries with the wife, and she was kind enough to oblige the purchase. This is another tea grower out of Seattle and they have a website at www.sugimotousa.com, the “Tea Maestro” also maintains a blog! Note that I would not recommend the incredibly high priced tea pot he is selling (unless he gave me one for free...hint, hint nudge nudge know what I mean... I'd even do a review of it right here on this blog, nudge nudge know what I mean), a pyrex liquid measuring cup works just fine and you can get them about anywhere.

On to the tea, it is up there with “My Green Tea” as far as quality. I do have a quibble with the instructions on the bag though, it says the ideal water temperature is 175 F. and I say go for 140 F. 175F. makes it a bit strong and also makes the tea useless after the first infusion. This tea gets a Zero on the spitwad™ scale and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Sencha.

Happy Drinking!


Anonymous said...

ill haven't managed to get off of the black tea, although i am drinking less, and today I made a batch of Chai with rooibos, instead of black...so headed in the right direction.

Your antioxidant store must be off the chart. Keep it up.

Any advice for a good jasmine...I do love jasmine.

Barry said...

Cool! Thanks for the pointer to a Seattle-based firm!


Gregor said...

Liken' the tea turn you've taken on the blog. . . I'm becoming a bit of a tea enthusiast myself lately so it's great to come here and read about what you've been trying out.

SlowZen said...

I was just talking about black tea with a friend of mine. Please take care to stay fully hydrated as I have heard it can take a toll on the kidneys.

As far as Jasmine goes, I knew a girl named Jasmine once, she lived on the other side of the block from me. We were not close but I thought she was a nice person…
You’re Welcome!


Glad to be appreciated!
All, I appreciate your comments!

oxeye said...

That is a really nice teapot Jordan. I found these on ebay for a little less, if you get a wild hair..

SlowZen said...

Jeff, I cant even get a domesticated hair right now, but maybe one day, thanks for the thought though!


Thanks for looking!