Here I come to wreck the day!

Here I come to wreck the day. To the tune of the old mighty mouse jingle of an ancient cartoon is what a young Corporal from the administration section was singing as I passed her on the drill deck. I stopped her and questioned her on it. It turns out some reservists that are on deck did not know how to fill out a muster sheet properly and as a result would not be getting paid unless they were corrected. Boo!

Growing up in the Marine Corps the top three things you want to make sure are straight with your Marines in garrison are Time off, chow, and chiefly, pay!

I blurted out to her, “try to approach the task with love and kindness in your heart.”

That has got to be a strange thing to hear from a crusty old Staff Sergeant.

I talked about the cause of the incident that was causing her stress likely being ignorance, and that I was sure the Reservists simply did not know what to do and were doing the best they could under the given circumstances, and that it would serve everyone better if she approached the matter from a different point of view, that being “I am here to help you get paid, I am here for you”

She smiled, appeared noticeably more at ease, and said thank you Staff Sergeant, and went on her way.

I hope I can keep that same positive and productive attitude for the rest of the day.

Be well and happy,


Carol said...

Hey Jordan!
LOVE your new design! It's so much easier to read!
And what a wonderful philosophy to have passed on to that young woman. I'm sure you made her day and that she will be much better received if she takes your advice!

Sure do love this gentle side of you and hope it remains with you for the rest of your life!


Uku said...

Great layout!

Well done with that young woman! This world needs positive attitude like yours.

Take care, Dharmabro,

oxeye said...

“try to approach the task with love and kindness in your heart. That has got to be a strange thing to hear from a crusty old Staff Sergeant."

Yeah, You never hear Marines talk like that in the movies. :)

Curator said...

wow, I really enjoyed reading this blog entry...in that guilty sorta way,lol... I try to approach everyone in my life in such a way, but sometimes, they make it really really difficult...:/...

SlowZen said...

Hi Mom,
Glad you like the new template.

I have some moments, others not so good. this afternoon I went to the toilet and the soap and paper towels were non existent. Oh I got angry for about 30 seconds. three steps forward two steps back!

Love you and see you soon!



Thanks, you too!



Yes! but too much of my career has been like the movie, and people trying to act like the people in the movies. I think I am done with it. It feels better to be nice. Anyway now days I find myself less and less conditioned by the way people think I should be.



Keep on keeping on!


Thank you all for the kind comments!

Barry said...

Even Great Bodhisattvas have to use the bathroom!

Thank you for some new eye candy!


Curator said...

I typed up a big long response discussing different stuff about the advice you gave me in my blog, then my pc crashed,lol... sooo, I will re-write it again in the near future, but for now since im very tired, I will just say thankyou for the advice, it is greatly appreciated, and Now I shall go to sleep!lol... I hope you have a good weekend!

Mike Cross said...

Hi Jordan,

As the English proverb says, Pride comes before a fall.

And as the Japanese one says, Fall down seven times, get up eight times.

If I add my own two-pennyworth to those timeless truths: falling down and getting back up again definitely have to do with vestibular balance, and maybe pride does too!

I write as a real expert on all three subjects -- pride, falling down, and getting back up.

Saluting the wisdom of your weekend post, I am off for a long solitary walk!


SlowZen said...

Hi Mike, thanks for your comments.
I am feeling a lot less wise than I was yesterday.
i think that is a good thing!

Keeping on!

SlowZen said...

Barry, Yes!


Glad I could help and good luck on that post!

Take care,

Thanks for looking!