I did not fill the gas tank up over the weekend.
This morning the warning light let me know that I had better get on it.
As I stood outside I thought:
What a waste, pumping death.
I think about how tangled up we humans are, inside and out.
A bit of fall melancholy perhaps?

Nah, things just are how they are and than they change.
I can see the wind. I feel a little bit of guarded hope for humanity.
I see people using reusable shopping bags. That’s nice.
I don’t think that will save the world. But it is a sign.
Maybe we are getting ready for an evolutionary leap.
Slowly, there is a message being broadcast. Same one as always.
It has no words that can be uttered without confusing the message.
Just a frequency. 1.855 x 10^43 Hz?


Barry said...

One by one, each of us can change. That's why the Buddha appeared and taught us. Reusable shopping bags is a good place to start, eh?

Now, about that frequency...what is 1.855 x 10^43 Hz?

Anonymous said...

This frequency is a perfect mechanical structure which has a oscillating characteristic at a frequency determined by the Planck Natural units. This frequency has been termed f*, and is fundamental to the Universe.

f* » 1 / T* » 1 / 5.3906 x 10-44 sec. » 1.855 x 1043 Hz

Barry said...

Thanks for the, uh, explanation, Anonymous.

Is there by chance a colloquial version of what you said?

Seriously, I'm curious and while I understand the individual words ("oscillating" and "frequency" and "units"), taken together they remind me of Dogen Zenji's writings.


SlowZen said...

Hi Barry, Anonymous,

I think the colloquial version might be best expressed like:


Or, perhaps (and only slightly idealistically) for the Kana inclined:


Past my bed time.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Om is is placed at the beginning or end of sacred texts as a exclamation to be uttered after a reading or previously to any prayer or mantra and also is said in the beginning of rituals. The Mandukya Upanishad is entirely devoted to the explanation of the syllable. It is sonically identical to the utterance Amen, a declaration of affirmation found in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament.

SlowZen said...

See that's why I like ロ.

Barry said...



SlowZen said...


Thanks for looking!