A Kwan um oxhearder's blogs

I got an email from Barry Briggs from up in Seattle telling me about his Blogs.

Berry seems like a nice enough guy, he's been practicing Korean Zen for a long long time.
They got 64 precepts in that tradition just for laypeople!
Gosh that is a whole bunch.

Anyway check out the links below and learn sompthing, Barry seems like he has alot to share and it is definitely nice to see something from a different point of view every now and then. Even if it is only to see that that is your own point of view as well. Weird eh?




Be well and happy,


Barry said...

Few people view me as a "nice enough guy," alas. You must have an especially clear dharma eye!

Thank you, Jordan, for introducing these blogs to your readers.


SlowZen said...

I have not really viewed you yet.

You will have to stop by next time you head south. We'll share a cup of sencha and talk about dharma eye glasses or something.

Your welcome, and take good care,

Barry said...

Likewise, if you find yourself in Puget Sound.

Thanks for looking!