Just do good

Sometimes something is so simple, we find it impossible to comprehend or understand.
We want to relate it to everything in our lives and we do, but in the process we overcomplicate things. Yes! Everything can be explained with complex algorithms or a whole lot of special jargon. And yes sometimes it takes all of that to get us to wrap our heads around the facts. But here it is, pure, simple, unrefined and unadulterated.

Just do good.

Volumes of confusing doctrine have been written about this subject. Everything outlining what is doing good to the ways to accomplish good, what is not good. The duality and non-duality of good. Blah blah blah. It goes on and on and on. It spans every religion and philosophy. This simple message. This simple instruction. This simple imperative. This simple key.

Just do good.

I thought about writing a whole lot more about this but it has already been done. I will undoubtedly write about it some more sometime. But that will likely be in the name of “just do good.”

Just do good


Anonymous said...

It also helps me to periodically reflect on actions I habitually perform that have 'not good' effects.

Ever so slowly I begin to recognize the intent to do these actions before they can occur.

Then I can make an effort not to follow through with the habit.

I guess this is also 'doing good' even though I seem to categorize it as not doing something.

SlowZen said...

Hi Sam
Thank you for sharing your insights!

Yamakoa said...

Hello Jordan,

So simple. So right. So direct. Yet even a man of eighty can not follow this.

Even this simple instruction misses the mark like all the other millions of doctrines. Nevertheless, these are great words to enact in our lives.

Take care mi amigo,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan:

The fun stuff is that two people might disagree over what 'doing good' is in a particular situation.

Two people might see a kid crying. One might think the child is crying because they are alone, another might notice a swollen ankle.

Two people 'see' the same situation and act differently based on what they see.

Both of course may see the same thing slightly wrongly but in different ways....

But "Just do good" is as good as you can get I think.

SlowZen said...

Do good.

SlowZen said...

Indeed, I have heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is where intuition is helpful.

Do good!

Anonymous said...

At the college I attended, the Catholic Church was located at the end of Frat Row, which was often littered with beer cups, kegs and cigarettes. Viewing this one Sunday morning, I realized that the road to good intentions is paved with hell.

SlowZen said...

Thank you for that. I can definitely see the truth in the road to good intentions is paved with hell"

Anonymous said...

Doing good, I like, even practice, although, I'm not sure I'm any good at it ( :-) ). Lord (or insert the all seeing deity of your choice) knows, I've tried to do this most of my life. But, being a "do gooder" has intrusive and meddling connotations, which even other "do gooders" find objectionable. Of course, there IS the non-universal definition of "good" to also consider. That, most likely, is the root of the dissention, even among "good" people.

Yes, even simple goals can be elusive, even unattainable.
You can also do bad things for good reasons. And, good things for bad reasons. Then there is the question of, if all bad were, indeed, eliminated, what would remain as good? The very survival of good assumes the continuation of bad. So, is it a good practice, to foist all bad deeds onto someone else? Isn't that in itself bad? It has to balance some way, right? Yin/Yang and all that goes with it. Seems to me the the only way to "just do Good", without incurring bad elsewhere, is to do absolutely nothing. But, then, is that living? If so, what's the point of existence? If you inhale Oxygen (Is this good?) and exhale CO2, (Is this bad?) then achievement of "just do good" can only be accomplished by your death. I'd have to ask, "where's the fun in that". Well, apart from your enemies delightful desires and assessment of "good".

Have a "good" day!!!

SlowZen said...

Uncle Lloyd,
Thank you for the interesting comments!
For my Non-universal idea of good; I think that actions that come from a magnanimous, contemplative mind, even the smallest of things can be considered “Good”. It may seem silly, but I have said before that I brush my teeth in order to save all sentient beings.

But if we define good actions we should also define bad actions.
I feel that actions born of greed, anger and ignorance are generally harmful to all that is “Good.” Greed and anger are pretty easy to identify in ourselves, ignorance can be a little tricky. I feel the best way to deal with this is through developing intuition. We can approach this through various means; doing “Absolutely nothing” is a pretty good one.

Following the ideas above, I think it would be impossible to do good things for bad reasons or bad things for good reasons.

I find the idea of the Yin and /Yang is often misunderstood. I have not studied Taoism enough to be to comment on it in depth, but I think that it shows that all of relative existence is in constant flux and change. I while I can not recall ever reading about “Good” or “Bad” in the Tao Te Ch’ing; I have thought of it's verses as a manual for doing good.

Be good!

EDGEY said...

I'm trying! :)

SlowZen said...

Hey Steve, I am trying too!
Thanks for stopping in.

Unknown said...

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SlowZen said...

Ha, The Duckman! I looked at the site, that is interesting. I will have to look at it again.
The brain is funny though. every time I see powerdinamiks my mind processes power drinks. I wonder if they all drink a lot of Redbull?

Thanks for the referral too! I Will need a job in 1178 days.

Take care bro, and don't be a stranger.

Thanks for looking!