My Kyorie

This was on the long flute (2.2? Shaku) I made, Playing with my Pinky on the third hole. It was a little painful to play even with the pinky.

There are multiple versions of this Honkyoku. Like allot of honkyoku it is supposed to represent the buddhist concept emptiness. I have read that this is one of the oldest scores known. I think I like them all. Very simple, meditative, even purifying. I think I will play it again sometime.


oxeye said...

It is amazing what all can be heard with your playing. lots of texture with breath whooshing and odd squeaks and ticks along with the actual tones.. very cool.

SlowZen said...

Thanks for listening; I have not heard a playback of the whole thing in its entirety yet.
I had wanted to edit it a bit with garage band, but I still have not put any effort into figuring that out. When I am playing, when I take a breath or pause, I hear the wine of my wife’s CPU cooler. So I would like to figure out how to filter that out.

Take care,

Thanks for looking!