I made a 1.6 out of what was left over from the long flutes. I am sure the squeakiness is err on my part and not the PVC. I also noted a little buzz sound, I am not sure that you can pick it up on the recording. I have never gotten that out of PVC before. I think that is mighty cool. Most folks don't seem to care for the shorter flutes, I kind of like it.

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oxeye said...

I like the sound of this flute too.. it might be easier for you to play quicker, quieter riffs on it. The tone seems pretty rich for a short pipe. your playing is pleasing too, even the squeaks. maybe especially the squeaks.

SlowZen said...

Thanks for stopping in!

I cut the blowing edge a little steeper than I normally do. It makes the high register Ri and Chi a little more difficult to reach but can still be hit with some adjustment of the embrosure. But it also seems to make the tone a little crisper. I think if I make any more PVC flutes I will find a middle ground between a 25 and 30 degree angle.

I think this one is a keeper until I can make a suitable one of this length in bamboo.
Of course that is a little way off but getting there is the fun part!

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Thanks for looking!