Friday Fish Wrap:

Had a nice weekend, got free phones from sprint to replace my old phone which was beginning to fall apart. And managed to lower my monthly bill!

On Sunday the family went to the Portland Buddhist Priory and I brought along the PVC shakuhachi, not a lot of people showed up, but I think those that did were happy. The monks have even asked me back to show them more!

We also went down to the Japanese market in Beaverton and I splurged some of my small allowance on some Premium Tea. I bought some “My Green Tea” brand Sencha. It is really good. I was skeptical of the package, it was in English! Apparently it is imported from Japan by a company in Belleview Washington. My kudos to them they picked a winner.

The week turned sour fast though as despite my efforts at healthy living I have yet another cold. I am a bit disappointed in my immune system. For nearly two decades I heaped abuse on my body, drinking, smoking, staying up late and waking up early to work long shifts, only to go out for another long night of carousing afterwards. Through all that I was rarely (if ever) sick. In my 16 year career I cold count on one hand how many days I have been sick in quarters. Until now… Now I am living healthier, not drinking, smoking, getting plenty of sleep and exercise, eating right, I even started taking vitamins! Despite my efforts to stay healthy I seem to have had a cold of some sort every other week this winter. It is not even that cold here, just damp!

Meanwhile it is a drill weekend, I will be joining the reservists in the field briefly, to antagonize my inflamed sinuses even more I will be going into the CS gas chamber. Joy!

Hope you all have a great weekend, free from suffering.



oxeye said...

hi jordan, you have kids now.. nobody gets more colds than the parents of preschoolers. Drinking, smoking, staying up late just prepared your immune system for them. :)

SlowZen said...

Thanks Jeff, That seems about right.

Thanks for looking!