Moving the Stupa (formerly known as the stone)

Friday I had the opportunity to help out Virginia Wolf with her stone Stupa project again. Unfortunately my camera has malfunctioned so the ink painting is all I have to really commemorate the experience. I also did a little blowing meditation there with the flute, which no one told me was awful. I had been thinking a bit about confidence lately after hearing stories of others and thought that my own confidence is rather high. But playing the flute in front of an audience is a good way to put that false sense of confidence in check. As I played I could feel my heart rate increase and I could hear my heart pounding trough the notes. I asked but no one else seemed to notice. Thinking about it, it was a really wonderful experience. Rev. Meiko has asked me to play for the children at the Dharma school. That will be another opportunity to practice in front of an audience. I would like to practice a bit more prior to that since I have been neglecting the Shakuhachi facet of my own overall practice lately.

I remember my first lesson after practicing for two years on my own. The first time I tried to blow a good Ro note for my teacher I could not make a sound at all. He called that the lesson effect. I have come a long way from there but still have a lifetime to go.

May all be well and happy

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