Ink and reality

Up until a few moments ago I thought that my recent endeavor to do ink paintings was just another distraction. However there is a lesson even here that I am beginning to learn. Karma, cosmic consciousness, whatever you want to call it is well represented by the ink and paper. The ink could care less how you "want" things to be. The ink has no concept of forgiveness. It is just ink and will behave like ink. Reality is like this, causation is like this.

Right concentration required.


oxeye said...

yeah.. let the ink be the ink, the paper be the the paper.. and you be whatever it is you are drawing.

Yamakoa said...

Beautifully stated. Nothing more, nothing less.

muddy elephant said...

Ink,causation, reality. Very nicely said.

SlowZen said...

Oxeye, Yamakoa, Muddy Elephant,

Thank you,

Gregor said...

Wise words

SlowZen said...



Thanks for looking!