Fish II

I was working with a large brush (the "proper" one I bought yesterday)today which is a good place to start because it is so hard to control (or so the book says, this is counterintuitive for me but I only have a large brush right now so...) I am still having difficulties loading a good mix of ink and water. As you can see the fish above is solid ink which ideally it would have had varied shads of ink.

While practicing I had an enthusiastic audience (the girls) and that I don't think was beneficial to concentration. They were having fun though so it was worth it.

Enjoying the weekend, hope you are too.


Yamakoa said...

Hi Jordan,
Nice to have you back. Maybe we could start tatooing (is this even a word) these fish instead of the traditional Carp, that seem to be so in vogue. Let see some mental association.
Carp = Yakuza = death
Jordan fish = hungry tortoise = food = death = life = reality = truth = dharma

gniz said...


I think you've got a knack for this stuff.

SlowZen said...


How abut this? Jordan Fish= ink and paper+ concentration

Gniz, thanks for the encouragement!


Thanks for looking!