I took the second half of the year physical fitness test this morning, still improving my score. Barely...

I got a 261, last time it was a 260.

I still could not get that 20th pull up, so 95 points on that event again. I know it has to be in my head because on any other day of the week I can do 20.
I will have to start training for 21.

I maxed out the next event Again; crunches, getting 100 out of 100 in a 120 second time limit. I had time to spare about 30 seconds this time. 100 points.

Still my most challenging event is the run, but I did improve here by a whole ten seconds running the 3 mile in 23:40 vice 23:50. The unit is running a better physical training program now so I think this will improve greatly by next year barring any injurys. 66 points!

No more running for score for at least six months so lots of time to improve the chin ups and run time.

May you be well and happy.


Gregor said...

Congrats on the steady improvement!

Your post was a good reminder for me to keep at my own work out regime.

In the morning, I'm going on a three mile trail run. I'll let you know my time. . .It'll make you feel great about your own time!

Take care,


SlowZen said...

Thanks for reminding me to celebrate every moment!

Trail runs are always a blast. Ill wager you have some nice ones out there, but do you have waterfalls?

I feel better about my time already!


Gregor said...

Waterfalls, sure we've got plenty. More in the Berkshires than here in Southern Vermont, but its not too far away.

Thanks for looking!