I wobble!

OK, I finaly got a chance to practice in some peace.
Anyone who has been following this blog may remember when i said I was going to compose somthing, This is not it.
This is just some noodeling around I thought I would put up so you all can have sompthing to lugh at.

Doing this gives me a new level of respect for Jundo over at treeleaf. I can not imagine doing this every day.



oxeye said...

jordan - thanks for the video.. you only wobble a little. are you supposed to remain absolutely still while playing, or is that not really a consideration?

speaking of remaining still, i had a dream last night in which i was sitting with a group and after about twenty minutes in i realized that i was lying on my back. so i then corrected myself and sat upright in the proper position for the next ten minutes or so. but it made me wonder later if the whole thing had been a dream or could i have actually sat up in bed and sat in my sleep. this isn't clear to me because at some point i was at least awake enough to know i was laying down.
weird :)

SlowZen said...

Glad you appreciate it, I will try to do more as they are a good way for me to observe what I am doing. The wobbling in itself is not really important… Except that it is not what I was intending to do. What I intended to do was a head shake to create an effect with the sound. The wobbling is an indicator that my neck is not relaxed enough and therefore I am shaking my whole body and not getting the effect.

That is an interesting dream. It kind of reminds me of the dreams I had as a child of going to school in my pajamas. Do you sit with a group regularly?

May you be well and happy!

SlowZen said...

Oxeye, I got this from the web: To dream of abnormal things(I think laying down in the Zendo as abnormal), indicates that you will soon come to a sound solution to problems that you have been preoccupied with in your mind. Anything appearing abnormal draws attention to that particular aspect. Something in your life may not be consistent with how you feel things should be.

So maybe a good dream?

Thanks for looking!