2013 Jan 15 "A. M. Yoga"


Mike Cross said...

Hi Jordan,

I notice that your yoga practice hasn't done much for your handwriting -- at least not yet. I might be wrong (no, strike that, I sure as hell am wrong) but I think I see the evidence there of an immature ATNR.

So what? So you're wrong about everything. Your sensory apprecation is up the creek. Join the club!



Lauren said...

Which iYoga do you use? There seem to be 4 or more apps by that name.

SlowZen said...

It may be hard to belive, but my wife says my hadwriting has improved vastly! Even to the point where she can actualy read it!

I can't get to the link on the app store right now. But this hasn't been my go-too app for yoga either. I will send you links to my go too apps on Facebook.

Mike Cross said...

Well good for you old tortoise!

Long may you continue to go in the right direction, however slowly.

SlowZen said...

Aye Mike,
I don't know if slow and steady will win the race, but I have witnessed incremental improvement over time... And backsliding.

Thanks for looking!