I am back from the Spring Patrol so it is back to the usual schedule.

0930 Introduction to Zen hall manners and sitting, 
1000 Recitation of the Sutra opening verse, Repentance verse, Four vows, Great Heart of Wisdom Sutra, and a Dedication of Merit.
1005 Zazen..., (This means sitting like the Buddha sat)
1030ish kinhin, (This means walking like the Buddha Walked)
1040 Zazen,
1110 Tea, snacks as available, and talk.

*Do not worry if you feel you may not be able to sit for a full half hour, you can get up, do some walking or stretching. I just ask you do so in a manner as to minimize disturbance to other sitters. I fully understand most folks are not ready to jump into hardcore Zen practice.

Additionally: I will gladly make time in the evenings for anyone who just would like more information about the Buddha Dharma or sitting practice.

Please feel free to e-mail me at my civilian account (jrfountain(AT)gmail.com) or for directions or what not.

Dog and cat warning--- the pug is mostly harmless, but if you have pet allergies it may be best to take precautions prior to arrival.

Please do RSVP either to the above listed Civilian e-mail account or through facebook here, or I may go sit in the kids Karate classes if no one indicates they are coming.

Thanks and Semper Fi
GySgt Fountain


Kōgen 光現 Dito-Keith said...

Sounds good! See you there, on the other side of the big drink...

Glad to see you home! I couldn't e-mail you about Shoes Outside the Door...I'd love to look at this phenomena! Recently heard the story of Shambala...whoa-how intricately complex and human.

Robin said...

The title of this post alone is gold. I'm going to steal it.

This programme seems great, too. Excellent schedule and instruction. If it ever falls to me to run a Zen group, I'm stealing this too.

Welcome home, sailor. (Marine, actually, but you get what I mean.)


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