Glad that didn’t work out...

Well, I am no longer in route to Australia. Unexpected changes to the schedule had me embarked on the Essex for all of a week, and then disembarked back to Camp Hansen for the Fourth of July... Which I worked through after working through the weekend to unpack my office and make it operational again... Now I am back in the normal routine of spot checks, maintenance, growling at Lance Corporals and young NCOs.

That sounds grim but really I am happy to be home. I have been to Australia and don't feel like I am missing out on anything (which is exceptionally rare, a lot of people seem really heartbroken about this) by getting bumped from this patrol. I did make a few preemptive adjustments prior to embarking that now seem regrettable, like taking down the Okinawa Zazen group page since I thought I would only have about 30 or so days left at home this year and there was no longer anyone left on island I felt comfortable handing it over too. Things change.

So, now, if you are interested in the Buddha, Dharma, or Sangha and are stationed in Okinawa (between now and September, when I get on the Essex again) drop me a line and we’ll sit, and or talk about sitting, or maybe just sit and drink tea... I get the good tea and I would just assume talk about that as well. Or talk about tea cups, or tea pots, or the end blown flute, I used to like to talk about goldfish, but now I don't have any so not so much.

Oh, don’t worry about not being Buddhist enough. That stuff is a drag. But a keen interest in the Dharma is always appreciated. Or tea, that’s cool too.

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