Zen Notes

In learning to play the end blown flute, one of the most important things I did right was to blow through my mistakes.

My ability to do this impressed my teacher, or so he said.

 I have not kept the practice of blowing zen up very well for some time now though. And just a few moments ago I went over the fingering exercise for the basic five notes.

I noticed I made the same mistakes as I made when I first received the lesson.

I think that might be a good reason to rededicate myself to the practice in it self.

I have been noticing a lack of humility lately. I think it might be a good time to do something I blow at.

Yours in practice,


MyoChi said...

I think it is part of practice, all of us go through ebbs and tides of practice, we do it regularly, then start to get lax, till there comes a point where we see the impact of not practicing and then there is alarm bell sounding - get back to cushion! In a certain way, this cycle serves as motivation to continue practice. May you find more time to sit!

SlowZen said...

It is all just doing the work of Buddhas.

Thanks for looking!