Let the day begin!

40 minutes of yoga and strength training. 
30 minutes of Zazen. 
 Shower, shave, get dressed.
 Eggs and bacon & seven cups of green tea.
 This playlist for the drive to work. 


James A said...

what playlist?

James A said...

now I see it ... it didn't show at first ...

Lauren said...

"get dresses" !?
What kind of work are you doing these days?

真行  said...

I knew there was a punker in there somewhere! Thanks for letting him out — gave me something to listen to on my way to dinner. And thanks for letting me know you found Mud & Water to be a disappointment, I'll consider some other texts first if I ever have the time.

I bet seven cups of tea got you pretty revved up for work!

SlowZen said...

Hi James.

Lauren, fat thumbs, and not reviewing before I post has deceived you.


Once you have read the Shobogenz, I would go with the Ehei Koroku, or if you need a break from Master Dogen, the Surangama Sutra is very informative about the mind, and reads very differently from Dogen.

Thanks for looking!