I am back at sea aboard the ESSEX again. I have been for about a week.

I have got “Buddhist Services” on the schedule for Sundays and Zazen practice every evening at 2200.

So far, one other person has shown up on Sunday, and I am the only sitter in the evenings.

But as the great master says:

“Zazen, even if it is only one human being sitting for one moment, thus enters into mystical cooperation with all dharmas, and completely penetrates all times; and it therefore performs, within the limitless universe, the eternal work of the Buddha’s guiding influence in the past, future, and present.”

Shobogenzo Bendowa, Nishijima and Cross translation.

Life at sea does not seem as hard this time. I am not sure if it is because I have become accustomed to it, or because I arranged my workspace differently, or my rack assignment changed, or because they caught the monkey who had been banging on the pipes with a wrench at night during the last two deployments, or whatever. But this float is almost bearable this time.

I brought a lot to read, but still have not had time to open up the books too often.
Sometimes during the day I take a look at the Shobogenzo and read a few passages.

I have read the thing numerous times and I still find inspiration in it.

Anyway, I am safe, my air-conditioning works, and the Salad bar is sufficient.

I can’t get on facebook or gmail though, so if you want to contact me you can reach me at my firstmame(dot)mylastname@essex.usmc.mil

Yours in practice,



真行  said...

What time on Sundays? ..9:30?

Mike Cross said...

You are one interesting individual, Jordan!

Yours also in solitary practice,


SlowZen said...

2:00:00 AM UTC-6 Madison time.

Thank you. I am greatful to be able to read your blog on this deployment.

Any more thoughts on publishing your excavation work in print once you have extracted what you can?

Keeping on,

真行  said...

J -

Copy that.

Mike -

Maybe a copy of 'George' with commentary?... A special edition if nothing else.


Ted Biringer said...

Hello Jordan,

Thank you for your continuing practice...


Sean said...

Salad bars rock.

Peace, Jordan, and well faring

Robin said...

Jordan, you are one unique hermit. From one hermit to another: Gassho!

And Semper Fi, in the best of senses.


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