Thought bubbles are a bit stinkier than spit bubbles. Here, smell mine.

I have not updated this blog thing often in the last year, and I am not saying I'm sorry for that.  It's just an observation.

For what it's worth, as I type this, Iris is telling me all about her loose tooth.  She is very happy about having this loose tooth because she is not even six yet.   I am going to go ask her about this as I don't understand.

The answer was a blank stare...  Sometimes it is difficult raising a Zen master.

An observation I made along side of a friend of mine who is a pretty awesome writer is that we (he and I at least)  have a lot more creative energy and drive to write when we are suffering.

So,  despite the activity of 2010, and the fact that it was much less than ideal, it must have been a pretty good year.  Or alternatively I just had too much going on to post much....  Or I couldn't post much because the Information assurance Nazis blocked off blogger....

The good news for this year....  After six or so years of telling my wife how cool this guy Dogen's writing is,  She finally broke down and put the 95 chapter version of the Shobogenzo on order.  

Wow....   She even comes and sits Zazen with me on occasion...   While this is mostly because she noted that I went from having high blood pressure 5 years ago to having "Ideal" blood pressure this year 110/68, is pretty damned good for  a guy with a high stress job, goes on big gray floating prisons for extended period of time,  often, has to deal with Marines from the Combat Arms, Air Wing and Support Communities, often all in the same day... That's fantabulas to me.   Let me blow my horn.  TOOT!

It's weird though, because there are still a lot of stressors out there, and I still haver to respond to them.

Anyhow, dear readers, My wish for you in 2011 is that you continue to sit, that you continue to study the Buddha dharma, and that we all realize the great way together.

Now I am going to help give the dog a bath.


Carol said...

Love it! Looks like I'm going to need to make Iris a Tooth Fairy pillow! Stay in the moment! I'm going to try to find mine!

Love U!


真行  said...
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SlowZen said...

Mom, Glad you enjoyed the post!

Love you too,


I appreciate your concern and interesting observations.

All things considered, I think I am doing pretty well.

真行  said...

I hope you are right, because there is nothing I can do from this distance. It's the swearing that got to me. And your seeming lack of enthusiasm for the Packers Bears game.

I don't know what all things considered is, but it's likely not my business either.


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