Pop Heart Sutra - Hatsune Miku「English Sub」 And a reminder about Saturday's Zazen Group being on Sunday this week.

Generally, I am not into chanting in a foreign language.  The Buddha spoke in the local language of his time and I am pretty sure that is the best direction to follow.  But this Video is pretty cool anyway.

I would love to see more songs that teach the Buddhadharma in English, but I'm not much of a musician type.

In other news, Just a reminder the Saturday sitting has moved to Sunday for this week only, Please RSVP or something.

This is a really informative book about the Heart Sutra. 


真行  said...

I have that book! The Heart Sutra is always good to come back to when I find myself stumbling on the Way, whatever the reason.

Uku said...


By the way, I chant also nowadays in my own language. It felt really stupid at first but as we all know, human beings are pretty adaptive. Humble, humble.. hahhaa!

Take care, man!

Thanks for looking!