Shobogenzo-Zuimonki 5-18

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Master Dogen Instructed:

"There is a proverb, "Unless you are deaf and dumb, you cannot become the head of a family."

In other words, if you do not listen to the slander of others and do not speak ill of others, you will succeed in your own work. Only a person like this is qualified to be the head of a family.

Although this is a worldly proverb, we must apply it to our way as monks. How do we practice the way without being disturbed by the slandering remarks of others, and without reacting to the resentment of others, or speaking of the right or wrong of others? Only those who thoroughly devote even their bones and marrow to the practice can do it."

Break, break: end quoted selection.

I'd like to add some wise commentary to this, but really I just think that this selection is a helpful thing to keep in mind. Don't worry about those trying to keep you down, just devote yourself to the practice and (the hard part for me) don't concern yourself about someone else's practice.

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Sean said...

Jordan, I would like to say that I feel that the citation itself is wise commentary - that it's kind of brilliant, even, bright like the candle on the side of the mountain.

Yours down the hill, Sean

Unknown said...

Jordan, thank you for this. I always need a reminder of this timeless lesson. Today as much as any other day. Thanks again, Afghan is beautiful this time of year by the way...(note sarcasm...)


SlowZen said...

Sean, Rob,

Thanks for stoping by and leaving your traces.


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